Friday, December 21, 2012

Getting Ready

Getting Ready by Seattle Daily Photo
Photo & Text © 2012 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved.
Some light was reflecting from upper windows onto this group of women walking together along Pike Place on a very gray day. I love when that happens. Lots of shoppers are enjoying the atmosphere and wares in popular Pike Place Market, getting ready for Christmas day. The Market is decked out in its usual holiday finery (that's a wire strawberry under the clock which will be more clearly delineated when its miniature lights turn on at dusk, and you can tell that's a carrot next to it).  What always decorates the market and makes it so appealing are the fresh foods, flowers, art and handmade gifts, the sights, sounds, fun and smells that attract locals and visitors alike.


Bob Crowe said...

Light like that is a gift from heaven, literally. My favorite is when dark clouds are rolling into one part of the sky and there is still full sun on the opposite side. Can't get more dramatic.

Max said...

Well, it's a wonderful day for me : I just discover your SDP and my dreams are already on the road !... Emerald City seems to be one of your best friends. Or your second skin. You know how to catch the spirit, the light and the life of these colorful streets. I really love the way you shoot Seattle. Many thanks for the journey, Kim. I clap my hands and I say yeah yeah !
Max from Champagne, Eastern France (yep, Champagne... King of Wines, Wine for Kings)

Kim said...

Dear Bob and Max, didn't catch your comments until today. Thanks so much, and yes, Bob, that kind of light is s a gift. I have a little note in my head where I can find this kind of light at what time of day in what season at what locations now. One of the benefits of walking the city in all times of year and day. And Max, thanks for checking out the photos (from the comfort of your home in Champagne!). I think most of us City Daily Photo Bloggers love to visit places "hands on" and share that with others. Hope you will get back to the Pacific Northwest soon. Cheers!