Monday, December 24, 2012

Listening for Angels

Watching for Angles by Seattle Daily Photo
Photo & Text © 2012 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved.
It's Christmas Eve and Seattle streets seem pretty empty. That busy vibe has slowed down (at least from what's visible outside the homes--and I've not gone near any shopping areas) :-). And some people are quietly watching and listening and waiting. Especially some little people. Well, perhaps not so quietly. Here's a little song for you today, written and performed by Rob Mathes.


Gerald (SK14) said...

Lovely Kim - am just about to watch the carol service from King's College.

Wayne said...


Happy Holidays Kim

Anonymous said...

Hoping you and yours have a wonderful day together to celebrate the meaning of Christmas ~ faith, family and friends.

Bob Crowe said...

We landed at La Guardia Tuesday afternoon, drove across Queens and upper Manhattan and then across the George Washington Bridge to my sister's house in the NJ suburbs. Dead quiet, the only day of the year it's possible in this sprawl of humanity. Nevertheless, anyone listening for angels in this place has to concentrate very hard.