Sunday, January 06, 2013

Nord Alley

Nord Alley by Seattle Daily Photo
Photo & Text © 2013 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved.
Alaskan artist, skateboarder and carpenter Matt Yoder's work is on display in Nord Alley. About 1/4 way down the alley is a painting Matt did on two snow boards. I understand he is devoted to skateboarding and also uses skateboards in some of his art work.

Nord Alley is one of four alleyways in the Pioneer Square neighborhood that offers regular gallery space, art walks, community events and film / sport viewing (like the live large screen of the Tour du France). It's looking rather empty here, but is often filled with people for Thursday night art walks and the like. I LOVE the suspended lights!

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Kate said...

An unusual space for an artist's "canvas."