Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Road Trippin' NW Style

Road Trippin' NW Style by Seattle Daily Photo
Photo & Text © 2013 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved.
This cyclist was enjoying the scenery at quite a good pace along a winding road near Deception Pass, despite the weight of his gear. Would you feel comfortable riding that narrow ribbon of the shoulder's edge when larger vehicles pass next to you?


P Scott Cummins said...

I typically ride Deception Pass at least once a year. That section is pretty hairy alright. To be frank, our group (7 - 10 riders) goes across taking up the lane. It slows the cars up for three or four minutes, but we survive that way.

Kim said...

@ Scott: You guys are wise to ride together and "own" the road when you need to. This fellow was all by his onesie and held his own well. When those big trucks go by, though, I'd be afraid of being blown off into the ditch :-).

Bob Crowe said...

But the car is a Prius. Of course. How much more NW eco-friendly can you get?

We've been to deception pass a time or two. Darkly, dangerously beautiful.