Friday, February 07, 2014

Curtis Steiner's Wonderful Objects

IMG_4620 by Seattle Daily Photo
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For many years artist Curtis Steiner's gallery, Souvenir, occupied a small Ballard Avenue storefront that displayed no sign, only wonderfully poetic and intriguing art displays in the window cases on either side of the doorway. The thoughtful arrangements and details of the window displays would immediately draw you in visually. The only wording to be seen outside the small gallery was the name of a long ago business, "Frank's," in bold black letters set in the terrazzo and tile paved entryway. It was like stepping into an enchanting world to browse through the original jewelry and hundreds of handmade greeting cards featuring Steiner's paintings. Then a couple years ago the large floor-to-ceiling glass fronted retail space in a historic flatiron shaped building up the street was vacated by the Guitar Emporium, and Steiner moved his art, jewelry and antique objects in. Known just as Curtis Steiner now, walking by the gallery in its larger diggs is even more a feast for the eyes, beauty everywhere, intricate pieces that stop you, cause you to think. This is just a little iPhone shot I took some time ago of a large wooden carved Buddha's head gracing the north facing window. It's nearly as tall as I am to give you some sense of scale. There are endless interesting and charming very small treasures to view, too. For 11 years running, Curtis Steiner held a big Super Bowl Sunday garage sale of some of his wonderful art and antiques, but there was a notice last week that it would not be held, perhaps because of Seattle's preoccupation this particular year :-). I think we're all counting on a little more calm and quiet this weekend.


Bob Crowe said...

Since we've met I get the point. Never heard of it. A must visit next time we're in Seattle.

Kim said...

Hope that next visit will be soon, Bob! :-)