Saturday, August 19, 2006

Yesterday's Reflection

Yesterday's photo of the Smith Tower was taken looking up at the west face of the building. Today's photo shows you a bit of the topmost east face and the distinctive cap of Smith Tower as reflected in the west windows of the new (2003) Seattle City Hall. Behind those tall windows is one of the city hall's contemporary design marvels, the "blue glass passage," (click the link to see it) so named not for the windows you see, but for the blue glass flooring of a suspended indoor walkway behind those windows.

Yesterday I mentioned the great views to be had by taking the free elevator up the Smith Tower. It takes you to the Chinese Room on the 35th floor, a charming place for small wedding receptions as well as breathtaking views of Elliott Bay, the Space Needle, skyline, and the Pioneer Square area. Click here for a 360 degree view of the Chinese Room and it's window views at sunset.

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Anonymous said...

this is an awesome shot.

Rodney said...

Great Shot! I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this one. I love the top of towers...they are like a building's crown... =)

photowannabe said...

Great shot of a great town.
Thanks for looking at my site and suggesting I join the Paris site. I think I just did.