Saturday, September 23, 2006

Seattle's Traffic Circles

If you drive anywhere in Seattle, you will find a scene similar to this at nearly every residential street intersection. Seattle's traffic circles, it has been said, are "as common as Starbuck's and rain." They were created to slow traffic at blind intersections to 15 mph. Since their widespread use here, traffic accidents at blind intersections have been reduced by over 70%. Neighbors keep up the landscaping (or not. . .). See more pics at More Seattle Stuff. Posted by Picasa


Kate said...

You always add good info to pics. Good neighbors plant good traffic circle flowers!

Olivier said...

Belle photo. Comme en france, les ronds points poussent a tous les coins de rues . Mais celui la est tres beau et tres fleuris

Unknown said...

Nice photo! It is very nice device to avoid the traffic accident.

John Nez said...

Actually it's almost impossible to get the city to pay for any traffic circle anymore. I guess back in the 80's they'd hand them out left and right... but anymore it's next to impossible to qualify.

Sure, they'll let you pay for one (average cost about $3,000), but I've found nothing but frustration in trying to get the city to put one in on my corner.

FIrst you have to qualify with at least 4 accidents in the last 3 years (which i think my corner did qualify for). Then you have to survey the entire neighborhood, door to door, with 100's of signatures up and down each block radiating out from the circle... then you have to do umpteen other things. And I found the attitude at the traffic office was not very helpful really.

It's a LOT harder than it seems.... unless you want to just donate one to the city out of your own bank account. Believe me... I tried.
Anyhow, the lady down on the next corner went ahead and paid for one, so I guess thats about as close as I'll get to having one put in.