Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Holiday Window on the Market

Photo & Text Copyright 2006 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing. Photo taken by my daughter.

God Jul! exclaims this roving display window, mounted on a truck parked at the waterfront near Pike Place Market. Seattle is a wonderful city for those whose holiday traditions include lots of city pleasures such as window shopping, theater and concert events, and colorful street displays and performers. The city hosts a huge celebration the day after Thanksgiving, starting with a festive parade and ending with a tree lighting and firework display attended by thousands at Westlake Center, the heart of the shopping district. A jolly fellow can also be found visiting with children at the top of the Space Needle, which is adorned with a tree of light at the top. Click on the Space Needle Web Cam link to the right for a 360 degree view of the snowy city.


Anonymous said...

I first thought it was just there for the parade, but I guess not if it was parked at the Market. Is this truck always roving around for the holidays?

J. David Zacko-Smith said...

My question is, how can you post in the future? It's only Tuesday and yet you are posting on Wednesday!


Great pictures, as usual. I know exactly where that (burnt-out) neon sign is, too...

Mike said...

I saw one of these silly trucks in LKWD. I was amazed. We have too much stuff.

dr. adder said...

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theDUKE said...

ikea in downtown seattle? that would be so convenient. i'll have to stroll down there sometime soon for the holiday ambience.

Olivier said...

elle est amusante cette photo, elle donne l'impression d'une valise où l'on a range un decort de noel. bravo pour cette photo.

it is amusing this photograph, it gives the impression of a bag where A a decort of Christmas is arranged. cheer for this photograph.

Ryan said...

Nice photos as usual. I love the photo from yesterday. I am jealous that you received snow already. I guess we always want what we cannot have.

Kim said...

J.David, me and Einstein have beautiful thing going. . . ;^) Actually, I knew I wouldn't be avialable at the regular time, so needed to post way early. Hey, you and Mara both recognized the QA setting!

Mike, I couldn't agree more. The whole culture is goofy that way and we just decided to get off that hamster wheel and downsized life substancially when we came here. I just don't buy "stuff" anymore. I take PICTURES of it. . .he he he.

Dr. A., Nice link, thanks. She does have super shots.

Duke, I don't know if the Ikea advert truck is still there, but the Market itself seems festive with thousands of lights. If you could use some groceries the perishables merchants there and at the other farmers markets could really use our business (see link to right re. the oportunity to support those adversely affected by the recent floods). Dude. . .I'd seriously wait for a thaw before taking that stroll! ;^)

Olivier, Je suis heureux que vous ayez aimé la photo! Merci! Je peux voir que vous voulez dire. Espérez que vous aviez un week-end magnifique en célébrant votre anniversaire et que votre bonheur s'étend dans la saison de Noël.

Ryan, Are you crazy, man? It's beyond cold and the snow is crunchy ice now. Cars are spinning off overpasses, and there were something like 114 wrecks on a 10 mile stretch of the I-5. . .city buses using chains, kids out of school now. Don't be jelous. Although, a couple days ago I heard the skiing was awesome. . .dry powder up in the local areas. Don't know what it's like now, though. Hey, what are the sets like down at Huntington right now, and have the mega crowds invaded D-land yet?

Kim said...

Susan, I don't know much about the truck. . .haven't ever seen it before. The fishbowl concept of it seemed like a cool design idea, though, and made for a different view of the common scene of the neon sign. Hope you guys are keeping warm over there on the Eastside!

FancyPants said...

Hi Kim~

Just saw your very kind words about my writing. I haven't written anything for publication for years-I've been using the site to sharpen my skills in the hopes that I might get back to it, but in the meantime life intervened and I developed a bit of a block.
I haven't posted anything in a month, after writing regularly every day since last Feb. although I am working on a piece offline. Feeling tremendously guilty, of course :)
I love your photos-I'm frankly surprised that we haven't bumped into each other before this.

Do stay in touch, OK? I would have emailed this missive, but you did a blind post on my site.

Warm regards,