Thursday, November 30, 2006

Seattle Snow Day

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Rounding out the most rainy November on record, the early cold snap that blanketed Seattle in a coverlet of snow this week has now finished out the month with a final icy layer of rain on new snow last night. Children have been enjoying snow days at home, and this morning will have to go back to school, but with a two hour delayed start time. The city so seldom gets snow that lasts more than a day or two that it does not have a general snow plow and street salt system and it just pretty much shuts down. It's been 3 years since there were snow days for Seattle Public School kids.


Olivier said...

mon premier bonhomme de neige, je fais un voeux ;o) il y a rarement assez de neige à Evry pour faire de grand bonhomme de neige.

my first snowman, I make wishes; O) there is seldom enough snow with Evry to make large snowman.

Jing said...

real snowman here!!hee hee, and to make a snowman was what i did in my childhood in the westnorth.
cute,and yes, made a big wish as Olivier did,


edwin s said...

What's that, his nose I mean? Doesn't look like a carrot. Oh who cares? I love making snowmen :)

Kim said...

Olivier, je ne suis pas familier avec la réalisation d'un désir quand vous voyez un bonhomme de neige. Pouvez-vous m'en dire ? Merci.

Jing, I remember making these, too. You and Olivier mention making a wish when you see your first snowman of the year (if I'm understanding correctly). I am not familiar with this tradition. Can you tell me more about it? Thanks.

Edwin, We apparently had no carrot in the veggie bin, so my resourceful kid stuck an orange marking pen in for a nose (and unbeknownst to me used my best cocao powder for "hair"! ;^)

Mandy said...

A very nice snowman.