Saturday, December 16, 2006


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75 mile an hour winds swept through. Buildings shuddered, rain pelted, trees fell, overhead lines came down, traffic lights went out, things went bump in the night, trash cans tumbled down streets, shingles blew off, bridges were closed, traffic was a nightmare, and many areas lost power. Some communities are still without power. Kids got a "wind day" as schools were closed. In our neighborhood we noticed a downed tree covering our roadway and a garage that apparently caught on fire when a tree fell near it. Really scary. Upside: I no longer have leaves to rake. :-)


Kate said...

Well, there's always a silver lining, I guess. The news photos on CNN were quite amazing. One always breathes a sigh of relief when no damage hits close to home. You're lucky--good!!

Jing said... your comments....sounds a movie script.
storm 2nd??
keep safe,Kim.

and here, strong wind comes too,with cold air. so i stay at home today.

have a nice weekend,

Olivier said...

superbe cette ombre de la skyline sur fond de montagne. bravo
bon weeck end

superb this shade of the skyline on bottom of mountain. good cheer weeck end

photowannabe said...

Kim, I'm glad you are ok too. Its amazing weather all over.
Stay dray, stay safe and stay warm.

Susan said...

I wonder if your readers notice the mountain in the horizon. Is that Renier? or Baker?

Nathalie H.D. said...

Upside: you no longer have leaves to rake. :-)
Second upside: you achieved this fabulous photo! It is absolutely stunning.

szafot said...

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