Sunday, August 30, 2009

5 Spot Staff

5 Spot Staff

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I heard about The 5 Spot even before moving to Seattle when a friend gave us a bon voyage gift certificate to try it. And try it we did, and have gone back regularly over the years. We've also tried most of the other restaurants in the Chow Foods and Seattle Eats families of restaurants, places that are relaxed, love kids, serve up great, ever changing menus, and whose wait staff seem to have just the right touch of friendly, knowledgeable and excellent service. I was having dinner at the counter recently and this woman on staff was passing back and forth in that great light coming through the window. I had an assignment from my photo group to ask people who caught my eye if I could take their portrait, and do so in natural light if possible. Our photo friend Steffe from Haninge Daily Photo is a master of these kinds of encounters after his 100 Strangers project, and his readers have "met" a lot of the cool people he has encountered in his photowalks. I'm amazed at how nice folks are when I do ask them for a shot, but I still rush too much and could get better, more creative captures. It's an amazing experience when you genuinely compliment a stranger on something you notice about them. I've had some extended conversations and learned a lot about some people. I hope I do get better at it as I practice. In this instance I forgot to ask her name and I didn't want to disrupt her too much while she was working. She's a beautiful, hard-working person and a great part of a super staff. Have you met anyone interesting lately? Somehow a camera works as a bridge between people.


Laurie Allee said...

I've missed your blog! What a nice insomnia breatk. I can't sleep -- wildfire nerves and too much smoke in the air.

Love your portraits. This is a wonderful candid shot.



brattcat said...

Beautiful girl, beautiful smile, beautiful shot. I understand about feeling as if you're rushing it, though this image does not appear rushed at all. You do get the sense that she is happy to oblige as a model but still thinking about what she must do next, as soon as you've finished taking the photograph.

Virginia said...

Glad to see you're trying the 100 Strangers. Mine is almost at 100 here in town and my 100 French Strangers is up to about 40! I hurry to much STILL! I wish I could relax and take more time. I don't always get names but I always have some interaction. I have met the most amazing people and had more fun than I could have every imagined. IT's daunting at first but now it's like a game with me. I can't quit! I have two little girls that I'll post this week.

Your cute waitress is just adorable. You did a great job Kim.

Don and Krise said...

Don't worry Kim, this photo is great. She's a nice looking girl with a beautiful smile. It doesn't looked rushed at all. I have to agree with you though, Steffe is the master.

Unknown said...

I love this picture - you captured a welcoming smile and glimpse of someone special. Thanks!

Pat said...

A genuine, sincere photo. I like this portrait very much.