Saturday, August 29, 2009

Colorful Glass Tilework

Colorful Glass Tilework

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This is a section of the first story commercial space of a new condominium high rise. It has just received a bright glossy finish of rectangular glass tiles. I thought this an interesting colorway applied randomly. It is the first time I've noticed glass tile used for an exterior and I'm wondering how the durability will be over the years. Maybe it's tempered glass? For sure window washer will be able to keep the whole facade of the shopfronts bright and shiny. I'll have to go back to this neighborhood some morning and see how interesting these become when the rising sun hits them. Hope you are having a relaxing weekend! We are having a bit of rain. . .perfect for reading a good book and puttering around the house.


Don and Krise said...

Nice color here. Breaks up the monotony. It's kind of drizzly down south here today too. That's okay though. We're overdue.

Meri said...

Looks very fifties. Not sure it's my cup of tea, in fact, pretty sure it's not.

Kim said...

Don and Krise, it is bright and shiny. Something I expect as a kitchen backsplash rather than an exterior surface treatment.

Glad you commented. . .I tried to leave a comment on your sight, but can't access the embedded comment box, although I have no problem leaving comments when the pop up comment box is the one offered at a site. Don't know what's up with that. . . Anyway, I'd like to get together with you. Can you email me at

As far as these colors, the orange and blue remind me of the 60s fridge/appliance colors. The mauve and gray of the 80s. The green and the green and gray together are current, but that green is so 70s Vera sheets! A lot of the mauve/pin/grays in the 50s, too. Hodgepodge of decades in an old tile shape from my vintage 1908 house kitchen and my 1907 first apartment bathroom :-). Truly what goes around comes around. I get a kick out of what design influences from the past kick up in current culture.

Katie said...

Cool glass! I do actually like these colors; you're right - there are colors from a few different eras. The green is my favorite.