Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ms. Oktoberfest Meets Filmakers

Ms. Oktoberfest & Deryn Williams
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Last weekend was jam packed with Seattle weekend-long events. Lake Union Park's grand opening, the 23rd annual KEXP Shake the Shack Rockabilly Ball at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard, the Festa Italiana at Seattle Center, and Fremont hosted its annual Oktoberfest and Brew Ha Ha 5K fun run (yes, I know it IS still September. . .but, when you are the Center of the Universe as Fremont claims to be, you can do Oktoberfest your way :-).

I experienced a chance melding of two of these weekend events. I was out for a photowalk on Ballard Ave Friday night, on the lookout for any Shake the Shack Rockabilly Ball folks and their trés cool "hot rods" that might be about (like this shot from last year), when "Ms." Oktoberfest with the braids here, who had apparently wandered over from Fremont, walked past me and was stopped by the lovely lady you see and her husband who asked to take a photo with the colorful character. While the husband got a shot of them I snapped away, too. We chatted and I learned the photographer (just out of sight to my left) and his photogenic wife were filmmaker John Jeffcoat and producer Deryn Williams. They told me his film, "Outsourced" had been developed into a television comedy show and had just aired, and that his newest film project, "Big in Japan," was taking him to Tokyo with local band Tennis Pro to document their chance to leave their day jobs and make it big as rock stars by building an amazing Japanese fan base there. These kinds of serendipitous meetings will happen :-). Seattle is an amazing place with amazingly creative, talented, interesting and fun people!

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Pat said...

He makes a very good fraulein. Isn't it great how you meet people while shooting away for your blog?

I absolutely LOVED Outsourced. I saw it for the first time my first night in India at my friends and thought it was great then, after only one day there. I saw it again, happened to be on TV, right at the end, and found it even better, since I had experienced India more! I hope the series turns out. I will definitely buy it, since I can't be there to watch it! I love your photo.