Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Boe Odyssey, Seattle's Scarf Dance Man

Boe Odyssey, Seattle's Scarf Dance Man
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Colorful characters, we has them. Yesterday you saw the photo of my chance passing with the braided Oktoberfest celebrant. This is Seattle's dancing Scarf Man, a Seattle figure for at least 20 years. His business card says "The Boe Odyssey" and he offers all ages scarf dancing for any occasion. I understand his given name to be Calvin Creach, but everyone calls him Boe. He is an ubiquitous figure about town, but especially so on Capital Hill where he lives. I've seen passing cars suddenly screech to a halt and tourist passengers jump out and ask if they can dance with him, such is his fame. He hands them all scarves and they joyously go at it like Isodore Duncan and her minions by the side of the road. He is inevitably at large festivals and gatherings all over Seattle, and I caught this chance shot of him at the Lake Union Park opening festivities. He is very free spirited and uninhibited in his attire or unattire, usually wearing skirts and colorful tops and dancing with gobs of beautiful flowing scarves.


Pat said...

Ha! I LOVE IT! I fully intend to take a photo of myself with my new longer locks and some hippie dress against the mountainous backdrop in Dharamsala!

This guy is cool. Peace!

B SQUARED said...

The man is a legend!

Jilly said...

Adore characters like this and he looks a one-off. You've captured him so beautifully.