Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sidewalk Fountain

Sidewalk Fountain
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This little miss was enjoying the water spurting up taller than she was. This walkway fountain has a hidden drain beneath the pavement and water seeps back into the sidewalk through the "cracks". Ingenious! And fun on a sunny day at the new Lake Union Park.


Shell Sherree said...

That's so joyful and magical! I love the shadows too, Kim.

Tash said...

Definitely a magical moment captured. The girl looks darling and like she is squeeling with delight and I adore her shadow and the partial outline of others.
But the water-drops frozen in time like crystal beads is outstanding.
PS - been meaning to tell you that your blog loads instantaneously now.
PSS - thank you for you recent comments. Always a treat from me to get them as they give another dimension to the photos.

Lúcia said...

That was fun!
Nice shot, full of joy.
Best regards

Jilly said...

You've surpassed yourself! How I LOVE this photo. The water, the silhouette, the movement of the little girl. So good, Kim!

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Petrea Burchard said...

Outstanding shot! I love this.