Saturday, December 13, 2008

Luminarias & Snowfall

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A fun and festive December Green Lake tradition, the nearly 3 mile path around the lake became a "Pathway of Lights" bordered with thousands of paper bag luminarias tonight. Paddlers around the periphery of the lake passed by in canoes and kayaks adorned with lights and inflatable holiday decor. All this for the benefit of thousands of Seattlites who came out to walk the lake and were greeted by the start of snowfall at about 7:00 PM. I heard people caroling as they walked, some ringing sleigh bells, many decked out in their own Christmas lights and glowing decorations like the person here with the blue squiggles. Some even used lights to decorate their dogs and baby strollers. The beginning of the snow only made things seem more magical. Come on, sing it with me now. . ."a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, walking in a winter wonderland." More shots here.


Katney said...

Much better than our luminaria experience. We set out to do the luminaria walk at the Yakima Arboretum. We were a fit early and went into the visitor center and realized that this is one of the special events where the fifth grade choir from the school I taught at sings. After their presentation, we went out to do the mile long walk through the grounds and see the 90 foot tall Christmas tree. So few of the luminaria were still lit, the falling snow was icy, and the tempereature was more so, so we cut it short.

Maybe next year.

lindsey. said...

I had not idea this happened! What a beautiful picture. I hope I remember Greenlake at night the next time I am in Seattle in December.

On a side note, love your blog! I am a former Seattlite now living in San Diego and have taken to checking your blog every day for a beautiful image of home. Thank you!

Kim said...

Katney, I'm glad you got to hear your school's choir! That must have been fun. Only the babies were complaining about the cold and snow here. . .all the babies seemed to be crying. We all feel miserable if we are cold, I think.

Lindsey, thanks a bunch for stopping by so often! I hope you'll see some places that you frequented. SD is a lovely place. We were just there in August. You can be glad you are missing this bitter cold snap in your old hometown. :-)


get zapped said...

This is terrific. You really captured the essence of this event. Love your blog. It's fun to see one's own city through the eyes of another.

Glad the snow is past us...

Happy New Year!